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Solution To Dry Mouth

Found a wonderful solution to dry mouth: Xylimelts!

Melts that stimulate and promote saliva

How it works?

  • Cellulose

  • Xylitol

Together they get the mouth to coat lubrication.

How to use them?

  1. Place the tan adhesive side of the disc on the outside of molar/gums, having the white side touch cheek.

  2. Use your tongue to move the disc to a comfortable spot.

  3. Once it's there do not touch it with your tongue for 10 seconds.

Who is a great candidate? Anyone with dry mouth!

  • Pregnant patients who experience xerostomia

  • Patients who take a lot of medication

  • Patients who use a CPAP machine

  • Patients who have very acidic diets

  • Patients who are mouth breathers

  • Smokers

What is it made of? All natural ingredients!

  • Cellulose

  • Xylitol

Why is it so different?

It's not a spray, so it won’t wash away!

It's not a mint!

It is a melt!

You place the disc on the gums, leave them over night and it will attach and stimulate saliva through the night!

It is very easy to use and patients say it’s comfortable that they forget it's even there.

It also freshens breath and helps reduce tooth decay!

How to get some:

(links below)

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