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Sleighing Bad Breath

When I first started The Bright Bite I came up with the slogan “Slaying Bad Breath On The Daily." As a hygienist we reduce bad breath by decreasing bacteria and I loved that phrase as a cute way to describe what we do best. If you're a hygienist or dental professional you can always spot perio breath a mile away!

I always love to reference what Kim K said about how she has an odd talent and that talent being that she could smell cavities.

Anyway, I was planning the launch of our Christmas sweaters and I thought why not use our slogan with a little twist.

“Sleighing Bad Breath On The Daily!”

It was perfect for an ugly sweater for any dental professional!

Not only does the snowflake and teeth pattern brim the top and bottom but the snow falling is also teeth! I also love that the reindeers are teeth and I tried to make the rope look similar to a piece of floss, but the best hidden detail of the sweatshirt has to be Santa holding a tiny toothbrush! I really went into detail with this sweater so I hope you enjoy our latest collection!

Sweaters have been selling fast! Last day to order is December 15!

Happy Holidays!

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