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The power of owning your own practice as a dental hygienist is just amazing!

I recommend to any hygienist who is interested in becoming an RDHAP to do it!

It is a whole different approach to working and you can help a lot more differently abled patients.

Things I travel with:

What made me want to own my own practice?

It was a combination of reasons but I mostly did it to have a more flexible work schedule for my children. I wanted to be a #girlboss and be able to run a business related to what I love and am passionate about; dental hygiene. I have worked in an amazing private practice for five years and I decided to start my own mobile practice in 2019. I do still work part time at Downtown Dental in the heart of Los Angeles but have expanded to something different yet exciting. It is a journey and I am still working out the kinks but it is fun.

I pack up all my trays and instruments and go to patients' homes and clean their teeth.

I also have a home office that I am still setting up that is equipped with a sterilization unit.

I hope to further expand my business this year and although it has been a long journey so far, I can't wait for the future!

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