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Pregnancy & working as a Dental Hygienist!


We are welcoming another baby in the next year.

I recently posted to my Instagram @thebrightbite page and wanted to share some pointers to any working RDH mamas out there because this is my third pregnancy while working.

It is possible to work throughout your pregnancy, but make sure to listen to your body! Get massages and stretch!

Tell your employer!

First thing is first! It’s better that everyone knows you are expecting so that they are more understanding if you experience morning sickness and need to make arrangements for doctor's appointments. It is also beneficial for the employer to know so they can start to prepare for when you are on maternity leave!

Pack Snacks! 

You will get random feelings of hunger while pregnant and it’s best to be prepared and sneak a bite between patients! (I also was blessed with Gestational Diabetes with both previous pregnancies, so I medically had to eat every 2-3 hours and I always had snacks.)

Avoid Nitrous Oxide!

No treating patients who are on nitrous. I would not even numb a patient for the Dr. if a patient was on nitrous. Exposure to nitrous oxide may cause a miscarriage.

Caution with Cavi Wipes!

Always use gloves when touching Cavi wipes. The disinfectant towelettes will kill so many bacteria and diseases, but it is not safe for skin contact!

Avoid the sterilization room! 

There are so many chemicals in the sterilization room (especially the cold sterile room), so make sure to only stay in the ventilated rooms which have little to no chemicals.


I was able to take all of my X-rays with both of my pregnancies; just make sure to step out of the room! I would also avoid the nomad because the angle needs to be perfect to avoid radiation, so it's better to be safe than sorry. I also wore an apron my first pregnancy and realized that it was way too heavy and time consuming. 


I recommend pregnancy yoga and morning stretches to avoid hip pain!

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