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California's Burst Valentine's Day Party

For me there is nothing more exciting than throwing a fun party. When burst was looking for a host for their California Valentine’s Day party I decided to volunteer and was chosen to host the party.

I rented a party room in the heart of downtown LA 255 South Grand where my private practice dental office is located. It happens to be a high end apartment complex but my boss the Dr. has had our practice there for 26 years. We face the Moca and are walking distance from the Broad and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Food was catered from Ocho a Mexican Grill restaurant attached to my office building. They provided avocado egg rolls that were to die for and a “make your own" open taco bar.

The best part about the party were the people, hygienists and Burst ambassadors!

We played YouTube videos about the Burst brush (if you haven’t seen mine here it is below)

We also had drinks, I bought a couple bottles of wine from Target.

And dessert was lovely! Tooth shaped chocolate pops my mother in law made.

They were a real hit!

I was super pleased with the party. Learned a lot about being an ambassador for Burst and navigating the app. Within a month of the party I went from purple league to silver league and I really enjoyed laughing and talking to other amazing hygienists and dental professionals.

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