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10 Things I Am Forever Thankful For!

This is the month of Thanksgiving and I wanted to share some personal life gratitudes:

My sons. I have two sons and I have one more son one on the way! I feel so blessed to be raising my boys. I love being a mother. I also have a large family and I am so grateful for my parents, aunts, and cousins because it truly takes a village to raise a family.

Being a dental hygienist has so many aspects. I love working in private practice because I get to work with a lot of individuals. I have a lot of patients that I see regularly and I work with an awesome team!

This year I began seeing patients at home and practicing as an RDHAP. I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning as I was getting everything all ordered, organized, and set up, but now I am just so happy with what I was able to create and I love being able to help so many people. I also hired on a mini dream team that has helped me manage the social media platforms, partnerships and filming for Youtube. My business has really kept me feeling young and has inspired me daily!

The relationships I’ve made with my patients makes going to work feel like I am hanging out with my friends and family. I am so happy to catch up with my patients and it really makes the day go by quickly. There is such a bond that is built, especially with my at-home patients who are on shorter recalls because you are not only close to the patient, but you also work with their caregivers and family members.

I love to celebrate every occasion and I love seeing friends! I have had the same best friends since kindergarten and we get together as often as we can, despite living all over the country.

I am so happy to have a little craftsman-style home to raise my growing family. I love decorating for the holidays and creating a place that the boys love.

My husband has been so supportive of me and all my wild adventures. I am forever grateful for all the love and help he has given me and the boys. I am so lucky to have someone who really cheers me on. I took over his garage to create my office for the business and I even sometimes film my Youtube videos in his law office. He really allows me to work on my business and I am forever grateful.

Finding out that I was pregnant for the 3rd time in the middle of starting my business, while raising two toddlers, was wild but it is the biggest blessing in the world. I know this boy is going to complete our family and I am ready to meet this guy!

Any company who has collaborated with me, any partnership who has reached out, and to all of the fellow RDHAPs and RDH relationships that I’ve made through social media, I am forever happy. I have been so motivated! The Bright Bite has helped me grow in so many ways. To anyone who has liked a picture on my Instagram, subscribed to our Youtube channel, or ordered an Etsy shirt, I am forever grateful!

Dentistry has been such a blessing for me. I would NOT have a front tooth if I did not have dental care so I am forever grateful for dentistry! I used to think work was work. I would clock in and clock out and now I am so excited to show up and get the day started! I do so many different things related to oral health and it is all so motivating! I am so excited now to save smiles, to help spread oral health awareness, to help collaborate with other like-minded individuals, and to be present in what's going on with oral health now.

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